As part of our committee meeting on April 27, 2023, the AIANY Women in Architecture Committee was delighted to feature Arthi Krishnamoorthy, Senior Principal at TenBerke who gave an outstanding design presentation of the Princeton University Residential Colleges. Arthi shared how the design of the residential colleges was founded upon a “vision of the future” and to foster a community of inclusion and belonging. She spoke about how transparency and clear lines of visibility contributed to a welcoming community. The inventive use of materials, light, texture and color create unique identities for the buildings and at the same time knit them together as a cohesive whole that fits into the context. We had a packed house and are grateful for all who attended, engaged in conversation, and asked great questions! A special thanks to Arthi for her time and effort in putting this thoughtful presentation together.

We were also pleased to have Latoya Nelson Kamdang join our committee meeting. She spoke about her candidacy for the AIA Board of Directors and her focus on climate action, justice, and equity and expanding the skillsets of emerging professionals. Another highlight was the upcoming A’23 Equity for Women in Architecture: A Coast-To-Coast Exchange taking place at this year’s A’23 AIA Conference in San Francisco in June. Women in Architecture (WIA), Women in Design (WID), and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committees from across the country will share their experiences and initiatives on the most impactful strategies for supporting women’s advancement in the profession. You don’t want to miss this!

Please view the complete WIA April Committee Meeting Agenda, with a detailed list of Upcoming WIA Programs And Events, Around Town & Related Events, Topics, Good Reads, Podcasts, Films, Resources, and Member Announcements here. We look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming WIA events and at the A’23 Conference!