As the city is slowly returning to normalcy, the AIANY Women in Architecture Committee hosted the first in-person WIA Morning Leadership Talk, on June 3, 2022 at the Center for Architecture, to start fostering networking opportunities and continuing to celebrate the incredible achievements of women in architecture and the allied professions. For this special event, we want to thank Elaine Molinar, AIA, Managing Partner at Snohetta, for an engaging presentation titled Under the Skin. She highlighted her personal journey starting from El Paso, then to Alexandria, Oslo, New York, Austin, and back to El Paso, with a trail of acclaimed design projects that enhance our sense of surroundings, identity, craft, and relationship to others and the physical space we inhabit. It was inspiring to see her thoughtful approach to designing each project. Her contributions to our built environment spanning three continents for the last 30+ years, along with Snohetta’s dedication to fostering mentorship and the future pipeline of professionals, are truly admirable. A Q&A discussion with the audience followed the presentation. We are grateful for having Elaine as a role model to elevate women in architecture!

Amongst her many accomplishments, Elaine also regaled the audience with her secret talent and passion for taxidermy. The whimsical objects she crafts remind us to embrace our creativity and find joy outside of architecture.

As we approach the summer, the WIA Committee will continue to offer programs and events. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcements of Project Tours and the Summer Networking Picnic in Central Park, with a follow-up outdoor forum about Mental Health. We look forward to seeing you soon!