On Wednesday, December 9, AIANY WIA hosted its 12th Annual Speed Mentoring event, which is a core component of our annual programming. Mentees of all experience levels were mentored by powerhouse leaders in the architectural profession including former AIANY Chapter Presidents, current firm partners, and architectural thought leaders. Groups of two or three mentees were paired with individual mentors for three 20 minute sessions. Mentees at all experience levels participated, including recent graduates. At the end we regrouped in one large forum to recap and connect with each other.

We are grateful to the amazing mentors who volunteered to make this event a success. Thank you also to the mentees who showed up and asked lots of questions. This event is critical in bridging the gap, addressing the leaky pipeline to licensure, and supporting the community of women architects and designers.

Mentors included: Augusta Barone, AIA; Sandra Benjamin, AIA; Louise Braverman, FAIA; Christine Hunter, AIA; Leslie Jabs, AIA, Sara Jazayeri, AIA; Andrea Lamberti, AIA; Elizabeth Leber, AIA; Sara Lopergolo, FAIA; Julia Murphy, AIA; Julie Nelson, AIA; Mindy No, AIA; Anik Pearson, AIA; Angelique Pierre, RA; Betty Rexrode, RA; Faith Rose, AIA; Wendi Shafran, AIA; Kimberly Sheppard, FAIA; Hayes Slade, FAIA; Andrea Steele, AIA; Elizabeth Thompson, AIA; Roberta Washington, FAIA; and Kim Yao, AIA.

We are energized and encouraged by the positive feedback received from our esteemed mentors: “We are at a pivotal moment for women in the field and all of these efforts will dramatically help to close the gap!” and “I love knowing that WIA exists and has our back.  Feels good in a tough world out there!” What a great way to end the year 2020!

To continue the mentoring initiative, please check out some useful articles and resources under our WIA webpage’s Related Links.