On April 8, the AIANY Women in Architecture Committee, hosted Joann Lui, AIA, Founder of Women Architects Collective, where she shared her presentation Building an Unforgettable Personal Brand. Centered around self-advocacy, key points included ways by which you act upon the need to create an online presence for your career or business, and how to overcome imposter syndrome to put yourself out there as the face of your brand. Through her step-by-step Personal Brand Success Framework, she emphasized a structured, phased approach complemented by an interactive exercise that was highly effective. She also shared recent stories of clients who utilized her framework and methodology to successfully amplify their online presence and garner a greater following, resulting in new business opportunities. Joann highlighted the importance of crafting a personal story while speaking about one’s professional journey, vital to forming a memorable narrative.

Joann Lui’s presentation catered to architects of all ages, and attendees at various stages in their careers, whether working for a large firm or their own practice. We were delighted to see participants at all levels from young architects to principals, and thank our audience for their participation in the workshop and Q&A!