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02/17/21 - Actionable Pathways for Community-Focused Careers

Reacting against the barriers to progress that the CLP members felt impede growth in the architecture profession, the cohort reached out to offices they viewed as having significant community impact.

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01 CLP Public Event 1  Enhancing Democracy  The Power of Design in Voting Spaces. Images  Courtesy of Center for Architecture and Jake Price (

12/01/20 - Civic Leadership Program: The Power of Design in Voting Spaces

With a record number of absentee ballots and early voting, our voting systems and voting spaces have been put to the test. As architects and designers—but more importantly as citizens—what can we do to contribute to voter participation and enhance democracy for all?

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AIACLP D5 School Integration And Its Spatialization 02 1500

11/11/20 - Civic Leadership Program: School Integration and Its Spatialization

On Friday, October 2, Civic Leaders Corey Arena, Assoc. AIA, and Betsy Daniel, AIA, conducted the fifth and final development session for the 2020 AIANY Civic Leadership Program (CLP). The session’s title, “School Integration and Its Spatialization,” pointed to an important facet of racial inequality in the United States—that segregation is a spatial act.

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10/27/20 - Civic Leadership Program: Elevating Non-Market Housing Stock for Lasting Resiliency

The session explored the notion of how we can, as civic-minded individuals, designers and architects, push for an agenda that elevates non-market housing stock through methodologies that advocate and activate lasting resiliency within supportive, public, and affordable housing.

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10/14/20 - Civic Leadership Program: Is Our Justice System and its Architecture Sustainable?

The session focused on the shifting forms of justice in New York City, allowing for the cohort to critique the different ways justice can be served in courts and communities.

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AIA CLP   Dev Session 2 image 01

09/16/20 - Civic Leadership Program: Storefronts as Civic Life

In NYC, where the profit is often prioritized over the needs of communities, how can we ensure that the ground floor reflects those it is meant to serve?

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08/19/20 - Civic Leadership Program: Unpacking the Democracy of Design

The cohort explored how architects can work within legacy and novel systems to better tackle the challenges we face today.

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01/08/20 - CLP Discusses Tools for Civic Engagement at Center for Architecture

The final AIANY Civic Leadership Program (CLP) event for 2019, Agency: An Architect’s Tools for Civic Engagement, was held on December 3 at the Center for Architecture in an effort to empower architects to have a more proactive civic role.

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11/12/19 - CLP Panel Explores How Barriers Shape the Public Realm

Some are permanent and others temporary, some purpose-built and others borrowed, but as these protective features accumulate, how do we understand their impact on our public realm?

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10/30/19 - Civic Leadership Program: Architecture through Participatory Design

When involved with complex public projects, and particularly when balancing multiple stakeholders, architects can find value in increased user-input throughout the design process.

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19 0926  AIANY CLP Session 4  Image 4

10/2/19 - Civic Leadership Program: Waterfront Equity

Architects are giving increased attention to the important concept of social equity as they works to define their role as stewards of public welfare.

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9/18/19 - Civic Leadership Program: Designing Youth Space

The AIANY Civic Leadership Program’s (CLP) Class of 2019 convened for their third development session to explore exclusion, inclusion, and engagement in the public realm from the standpoint of children and teens.

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8/19/19 - Civic Leadership Program: Alternative Project Delivery

How alternative project delivery methods differ from traditional methods, how they are utilized in New York City, and how they can best serve the public.

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7/24/19 - Civic Leadership Program: Toward a More Civic Data-driven Architecture

The CLP class of 2019 dissected how emerging technologies impact the design of our cities, our buildings, and our communities.

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6/26/19 - AIA New York Kicks Off Third-Annual Civic Leadership Program

On Saturday, June 1, the 10 new leaders selected for the 2019 class of the AIA New York Civic Leadership Program (CLP) gathered at the Center for Architecture.

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Photo: Jenna Wandishin.

12/12/18 - 2018 Civic Leadership Program: EDUCATION – Inside | Out

On November 9, the AIANY Civic Leadership Program (CLP) discussed how learners of all ages engage with the built environment. “EDUCATION – Inside | Out” was the last of the CLP’s five development sessions.

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Civic Impact in Practice panel at the Center for Architecture. Image credit: Jenna Wandishin.

11/27/18 - Civic Leadership Program Shares Key Survey Results

The Civic Engagement Survey was issued earlier this year to gage civic engagement, equity, and political advocacy practices currently exercised by AIA New York-affiliated principals across New York City.

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CLP members meet with the Public Design Commission at City Hall. Credit: Jenna Wandishin.

10/29/18 - 2018 Civic Leadership Program: BASE-ics of Affordable Housing – Community Organizing and Design

The AIANY Civic Leadership Program (CLP), delved into affordable housing by visiting with the PDC at New York City Hall, followed by an open forum and workshop with Chhaya.

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10/15/18 - 2018 Civic Leadership Program: Architects, as Required

On September 20, the 2018 AIANY Civic Leadership Program (CLP) hosted its first public event, “Architects, as Required: Exploring the Periphery of Design.”

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10/2/18 - Civic Leadership Program Session #3: Population in Transition

Architecture alone cannot solve homelessness, but when our skills are applied to the issue, we have the ability to create a path that promotes growth, development, and self discovery.

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Civic Leadership Program, Development Session 2, 2018. Photo: Jade Ragoschke.

8/21/18 - Civic Leadership Program Session #2: Understanding the Role of Architects on Non-Profit Boards

The 2018 Civic Leadership Program‘s second development session focused on public service in the form of  joining a non-profit or community board.

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7/25/18 - Civic Leadership Program Session #1: Grant Writing for Architects

The first development session of the 2018 Civic Leadership Program delved into grant procurement as a means for architects to serve a greater number of communities and expand the boundaries of our practice.

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6/26/18 - 2018 Civic Leadership Program Kicks Off

The kick-off focused on the need for architects to take action by finding opportunities for civic involvement.

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5/30/18 - AIANY Announces 2018 Civic Leadership Program Participants

Ten talented and civically-minded emerging architecture professionals will participate in a six-month mentorship and training program to develop skills to engage in the civic process.

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4/4/18 - Call for Applications: 2018 Civic Leadership Program

AIA New York, along with the AIANY Emerging New York Architects Committee, are now accepting applications for the 2018 AIANY Civic Leadership Program (CLP).

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11/29/17 - CLP Public Event: …And Justice for All

On 11.17.17, the AIANY Civic Leadership Program (CLP) hosted its second and final public program, “…And Justice for All: Reconstituting Just Potentials.”

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10/31/17 - CLP Development Session 5: Bridging the Gap Between Architecture and Policy

On 10.20.17, the fifth and final development session of the 2017 AIANY Civic Leadership Program highlighted three practitioners and leaders working to impact change in the regulation of the built environment.

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IMG 3432

10/4/17 - CLP Public Event: Defining Citizen Architect

On 09.25.17, the first of two public events of AIANY’s Civic Leadership Program (CLP), “Of, By, and For The People: Grassroots Movements and Policy Transformations,” highlighted the work of four practitioners from across the country.

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IMG 3558

10/4/17 - CLP Development Session 4: The Activist, the Architect, the Artist

On 09.29.17, the fourth development session of the AIANY Civic Leadership Program (CLP) brought together six practitioners from various professions—architecture, art, landscape architecture, law, and urban design.

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City Hall 33 Sky Fixed Large

9/20/17 - Of, By and For the People

On 09.25.17, members of AIANY’s Civic Leadership Program are hosting the first of two public events, Of, By, and For The People: Grassroots Movements and Policy Transformations, at the Center for Architecture.

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9/18/17 - CLP Development Session 3: Community Transformations through the Lens of Resiliency

As our co-existence with natural systems is pushed to limits, cities and communities are having to face some harsh realities. As was the case during Sandy, and most recently with Harvey in Houston, Texas and Irma in the State of Florida, we are witnessing the incredible scale of property destruction, severely compromised infrastructure, and the disruption of lives.

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8/23/17 - CLP Development Session 2: Facilitating Inclusive and Productive Engagement – Strategies and Struggles

The AIANY Civic Leadership Program (CLP) held its second of five development sessions this past Friday, 08.18.17, with the emphasis on how architects can facilitate inclusive and productive community engagement.

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East Harlem Streetscape

7/26/17 - CLP Development Session 1: Civic Leadership Program Opens Discussion

On 07.21.17, AIANY’s Civic Leadership Program convened at the Center for Architecture for the first of five development sessions.

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2C2A1960 1024x554

7/13/17 - Policy Pulse: Announcing 2017 Civic Leadership Program Class

AIA New York and the AIANY Emerging New York Architects Committee (ENYA) are pleased to announce the 2017 class of the Civic Leadership Program (CLP).

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7/13/17 - Civic Leadership Program Kicks Off

On 06.24.17, the AIANY Emerging New York Architects Committee kicked off the Civic Leadership Program (CLP) at the Center for Architecture.

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5/4/17 - Policy Pulse: AIANY Launches New Civic Leadership Program

AIA New York has launched a new initiative to cultivate and train the next generation of civic leaders in our profession. 

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