Policy and Advocacy | 5/4/22
Aerial view looking down a street with many cars and tall buildings on either side

In 2019, congestion pricing was passed by the New York State Legislature and signed into law by then-Governor Andrew Cuomo. A coalition of groups, including AIA New...

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Policy and Advocacy | 4/22/22

This summer, New Yorkers will go to the polls for primary elections which will include candidates for state legislators. Given the importance of state law the built...

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Policy and Advocacy | 4/20/22
Woman in white dress raises right hand while putting left hand on top of a book held by a man.

The Governor of New York has enormous sway over the practice of architecture in the state. As the state’s executive, they have major influence over public works,...

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Policy and Advocacy | 4/6/22
FDNY fire truck parked on a street.

The January fire at Twin Parks Northwest, an apartment building in the Bronx, was among the worst in decades. 17 residents died tragically, apparently all from smoke...

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Policy and Advocacy | 3/23/22
Front view of the New York State Capitol in Albany, NY.

The New York State budget is the most important policy proposal debated in Albany each year. More than a collection of fiscal items, the state budget is instead...

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Policy and Advocacy | 3/9/22
Illustration depicting different types of Accessory Dwelling Units, including: Detached Unit, Attached Unit, Interior Upper Level Unit, Interior Lower Level Unit, Above Garage Unit, Garage Conversion.

The national housing shortage has led to a spike in home prices, particularly in high-demand urban and suburban areas. To increase the supply of housing, policymakers...

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Policy and Advocacy | 1/25/22
Gray-scale map of New York City Council Districts.

Borough presidents and New York City Council members are now accepting applications for community board appointments. Community boards are volunteer advisory groups that...

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Policy and Advocacy | 1/12/22
Photo of Mayor Bill de Blasio at the podium in the Blue Room in New York City Hall.

With the coming of 2022, Mayor Bill de Blasio and a host of other city elected officials have left office. Over the last eight years, the former mayor, comptroller,...

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Policy and Advocacy | 12/14/21
Photo of street in Noho neighborhood of Manhattan.

With 2022 approaching, New York is preparing for a major transition in its political leadership. The mayor, comptroller, four borough presidents, and most of the City...

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Policy and Advocacy | 12/1/21
Photo of Eric Adams standing in front of a brick wall.

Next month, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams will take office as Mayor of New York City. He is already taking important steps to form his administration, such as...

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Policy and Advocacy | 11/8/21
Photo of the front facade of New York City Hall.

After many months of advocacy, the passage of Int. 2317 in the New York City Council is in sight. The bill would ban the use of fossil fuels to power most new and...

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Policy and Advocacy | 10/27/21
Photo of the outdoor dining area in front of Sylvia's, a restaurant located in Harlem.

One of the most successful policy efforts to combat the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic was the creation of the city’s outdoor dining program,...

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Policy and Advocacy | 10/12/21
Photo of New York State Governor Kathy Hochul being sworn in.

The resignation of Governor Cuomo earlier this year allowed for then-Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul to take his place. However, Gov. Hochul will likely a fierce challenge for...

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Policy and Advocacy | 9/29/21
Drawing of a map illustrating NYC's Council Districts.

This past June, New York City held its pivotal primaries for mayor, borough president, comptroller, and City Council. Due to the heavily Democratic lean of the city, the...

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Policy and Advocacy | 9/15/21
A photograph of Benjamin Prosky and Tom Eisele standing in front of a crowd at a rally in support for fossil fuel free building legislation.

After years of advocacy, the effort to limit the design of fossil fuel-powered buildings in New York City is making major headway. Months ago, Int. 2317 was introduced...

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Policy and Advocacy | 8/18/21
A photo of former New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo riding the E train in New York City.

Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he would be resigning in two weeks amid accusations of sexual misconduct. This marks the end of over ten years of his...

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Policy and Advocacy | 8/4/21
A photo of President Joe Biden, who proposed the American Jobs Plan.

Only a few weeks after entering office, President Biden announced his American Jobs Plan, which proposed $2 trillion of investment in the economy. A significant portion...

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Policy and Advocacy | 7/19/21
Dry Seal Type Gasholder. Image: Jonathan Landells via Wikimedia Commons.

Last month, Int. 2317-2021 was introduced in the New York City Council, which would essentially ban new fossil fuel hookups. AIANY has long advocated for the...

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Policy and Advocacy | 7/6/21
New York City Hall. Image: Momos via Wikimedia Commons.

Thank you to all our members who participated in the now-passed June 2021 Democratic primary. As voters, donors, and volunteers, you have helped significantly increase...

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Policy and Advocacy | 6/9/21
US Department of State via Flickr.

New York City faces a pivotal election in the upcoming Democratic Primary on June 22. The election will determine the outcomes of most races in our very Democratic city....

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