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In 2017, AIA New York and the Center for Architecture worked with LaPlaca Cohen to identify strategic goals, objectives, and tactics to ensure the success and growth of the two organizations over the next five years. LaPlaca Cohen collaborated with an internal Steering Committee comprised of leadership and senior staff members from both organizations to formulate a Strategic Framework.

Strategic Framework PDF

Elected by the Chapter membership and its Nominating Committee each year, the Board of Directors is a diverse group of practitioners and allied professionals that brings a wealth of experience to the functioning of the Chapter. The Board meets monthly, with supplemental meetings and event commitments dependent on the position to which an individual is elected.

The AIA New York Chapter membership gathers at the Annual Meeting each June to elect the Board of Directors and members to selected committees, as well as to conduct chapter business and honor those who contribute to the built environment of New York. The next Annual Meeting will be held on June 12, 2018.

Current Bylaws PDF

Proposed 2019 Slate

Proposed 2019 Board Slate

President: Hayes Slade, AIA, Slade Architecture

First Vice President/President-Elect: Kim Yao, AIA, Architecture Research Office

Vice President for Design Excellence: Daniel Wood, FAIA, WORK Architecture Company, PLLC

Vice President for Professional Development: Andrea Lamberti, AIA, NCARB, Rafael Viñoly Architects P.C.

Vice President for Public Outreach: Matthew Bremer, AIA, Architecture in Formation

Secretary: Faith Rose, AIA, O’Neill Rose Architects

Treasurer: Kenneth A. Lewis, AIA, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP

Director: Scott Briggs, AIA, Lee H. Skolnick Architecture & Design Partner

Director: Karen Fairbanks, AIA, Marble Fairbanks

Director: Dina Frank, AIA, IIDA Mancini Duffy

Director: F. Eric Goshow, FAIA, LEED AP, Goshow Architects

Director: Laurie D. Kerr, FAIA, LEED AP, LK Policy Lab

Director: Heidi Kippenhan, AIA, I-Grace

Director: Pascale Sablan, AIA, S9ARCHITECTURE

Director, Associate Member Affairs: Ayodele Yusuf, Assoc. AIA, Perkins Eastman

Public Director: Paul A. Bello, PE, AKF Group LLC

Public Director: Maxine Griffith, AICP, Columbia University Office of Public Affairs

Public Director: Marc Heiman, Richter+Ratner

Public Director, Oculus Advisor: Andrea Monfried, Andrea Monfried Editions

Public Director: Regina Myer, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Public Director: Monica Ponce de Leon, AIA, Princeton University

Student Director: Elaine Gamolo, AIAS, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Immediate Past President: Gerard F.X. Geier, FAIA, FIIDA, LEED AP, FXCollaborative

Proposed Bylaws Changes

The text of the proposed changes, which affect multiple sections of the bylaws, is available to download below. Below is a summary of proposed changes to the AIA New York Bylaws:

AIA New York Board of Directors

o Proposed bylaws change reclassifies most Board members as “Directors” or “Public Directors”, eschewing previous titles that focused on specific roles (e.g., Director of Educational Affairs). Directors signify AIA members; Public Directors are non-members. There is no change in Board composition.

o This change brings our Board into alignment with non-profit best practices, moving to a model of more generalist Directors, which enhances responsiveness to changing needs and areas of focus for the Board.

o Proposed bylaws change to the Director, Associate Relations role (a Board director drawn from among the Chapter’s associate members), makes Associate members eligible if they have associate status at the time of their election. This will enable associate members to serve even as they pursue licensure.

Contingency Reserve Fund policies

o Background: After financial difficulties following expenses related to the 1988 AIA National conference, the Chapter established a contingency reserve fund as a financial backstop and for use in emergencies.

o Proposed bylaws change stipulates that monies in excess of $500,000 can be approved for use by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors for urgent or emergency expenses. To deploy any funds below the $500,000 threshold will continue to require a vote of the membership. The change makes some funds usable in urgent circumstances, but maintains the spirit of member control and the need for a significant financial cushion.

Proposed 2019 Elective Committee Slate

Design Awards Committee

Lance Jay Brown, FAIA, Lance Jay Brown Architecture/Urban Design

Frances Halsband, FAIA, Kliment Halsband Architects

Everardo Jefferson, AIA, Caples Jefferson Architects PC

Elaine Molinar, AIA, Snøhetta Architecture, Design & Planning PC

Fellows Committee

Terrence O’Neal, FAIA, Terrence O'Neal Architect LLC

Nicole Dosso, FAIA, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP

Frances Huppert, FAIA

Jeffrey Murphy, FAIA, MBB Architects

Ann Marie Baranowski, FAIA, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

Lisa Gould, FAIA, Lisa Gould Architect

Joint Finance Committee

Katherine Chia, FAIA, Desai Chia Architecture

Kenneth Ricci, FAIA, Ricci Greene Associates

Kate Dundes Shattan, AIA, Gustavson/Dundes Architecture & Design

Christopher Reynolds, AIA, AvalonBay Communities

Glen Erikson, AIA, Time Equities, Inc.

Tim Milam, AIA, FXCollaborative

Honors Committee

Christopher Cooper, FAIA, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

Elizabeth Leber, AIA, Beyer Blinder Belle

Robert Rogers, FAIA, Rogers Partners

Louise Braverman, FAIA, Louise Braverman Architect

David Burney, FAIA, Pratt Institute

Astrid Lipka, AIA, Rice+Lipka Architects

Oculus Committee

Jacob Reidel, AIA, Ennead Architects LLP

Jessica Sheridan, AIA, Mancini Duffy

Stephen Yablon, AIA, Stephen Yablon Architecture

Alan Brake, Assoc. AIA, Deborah Berke Partners

Julia Chapman, AIA, Ennead Architects

Lori Brown, AIA, Syracuse University

Nominating Committee

AIA New York’s Nominating Committee accepts recommendations and self-referrals for the Elective Committees for terms starting the following year. The Nominating Committee is itself an elected body that submits the elective slate to the Board of Directors and to membership for vote at the Annual Meeting. The committee includes five members: four are elected by the chapter members; the fifth is the Immediate Past President.

Nominating Committee Elections

An open meeting to put candidates on the Nominating Committee ballot has been called for September 25, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM. All Architect, Associate, International Associate, and Emeritus members of the Chapter are welcome. Please register here to attend. If you would like to submit a name but cannot make it to the meeting, please email with the name of the candidate. 

Once all submitted names are vetted, an online election will open on October 4 for members to select their top four choices and close on October 18. The winners will be announced in our newsletter on October 31.

The four elected members will serve with the 2018 President, Gerard (Guy) Geier, FAIA, from January 2019 to June 2019 to select members for the 2020 Board and Elective Committees. 

2018 Nominating Committee Members

Eric Bunge, AIA

Sara Caples, AIA

Victoria Meyers, AIA

David Piscuskas, FAIA, LEED AP

Mark Strauss, FAIA

Jesse Lazar, Deputy Director, AIA New York | Center for Architecture

Joseph Corbin, Membership Coordinator, AIA New York

Elective Committees

AIA New York’s Nominating Committee accepts recommendations and self-referrals for the following Elective Committees for terms starting the following year.

Design Awards Committee The committee, working with the Chapter Board of Directors and chapter staff, organizes the annual Design Awards Program. Current committee members:

Thomas Phifer, AIA, Thomas Phifer and Partners (Chair)

Neil Kittredge, AIA, AICP, Beyer Blinder Belle

Elizabeth O'Donnell, AIA, Cooper Union Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture

Jorge Otero-Pailos, AIA, Otero-Pailos Architects

Jinhee Park, AIA, Single Speed Design (SSD)

Jennifer Sage, FAIA, LEED AP, Sage and Coombe Architects

Benjamin Prosky, Assoc. AIA, Executive Director, AIA New York | Center for Architecture

Suzanne Mecs, Hon. AIANYS, Managing Director, AIA New York

Fellows Committee Consisting of six elected members of the Chapter, this committee follows applicable AIA procedures regarding eligibility and nomination procedures for advancement of a member to Fellowship, and follows an appropriate method of communicating such information to all Chapter members. Current committee members:

Nicole Dosso, FAIA

Frances Huppert, FAIA

James McCullar, FAIA

Jeffrey Murphy, FAIA

Terrence E. O’Neal, FAIA

Gabriel Smith, FAIA

Suzanne Mecs, Hon. AIA NYS

Honors Committee This committee selects nominees for Chapter awards; AIA New York State Honors; Institute Honors and Awards and provides support for submissions. Current committee members:

Gerard Geier, FAIA, FIIDA, LEED AP, FXColllaborative (Chair)

Christopher Cooper, FAIA, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Stephen Dietz, AIA, LEED AP, Mitchell | Giurgola Architects

Fanny Gong, FAIA, Columbia University - Manhattanville Development 

Elizabeth Leber, AIA, LEED AP, Beyer Blinder Belle

Robert Rogers, FAIA, Rogers Partners

Hayes Slade, AIA, Slade Architecture

Benjamin Prosky, Assoc. AIA, Executive Director,  AIA New York | Center for Architecture

Suzanne Mecs, Hon. AIANYS, Managing Director, AIA New York

Oculus Committee This committee meets monthly with the staff of Oculus to advise, direct, and set policy and editorial content for the Chapter's publications. Current committee members:

Andrea Monfried, Chair

Molly Heintz, Editor-in-Chief

Christopher Barley, Assoc. AIA

Gerard Geier, FAIA, FIIDA, LEED AP

Iva Kravitz, Assoc. AIA

Christopher Leong, Assoc. AIA

Chee L. Pearlman

James Petty, AIA

Jacob Reidel, AIA

Jessica Sheridan, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Stephen Yablon, AIA

Jieun Yang, AIA

Benjamin Prosky, Assoc. AIA

Suzanne Mecs, Hon. AIA NYS

Camila Schaulsohn

Joint Committees

AIA New York’s Joint Committees accepts recommendations and self-referrals for the following Elective Committees for terms starting the following year.

Finance Committee The committee assists the President and Treasurer in preparing an annual budget; arranges for audits of the books of this Chapter and reports to the Board of Directors the results of such audits; examines, at the direction of the Board of Directors or the Treasurer, the accounts of this Chapter; supervises the investments, trust funds and endowments of this Chapter; and recommends to the Board of Directors appropriate action to be taken thereon. Current committee members:

Kenneth Lewis, AIA, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (Treasurer)

Joseph N. Brancato, AIA, Gensler - NY

Katherine Chia, AIA, Desai Chia Architecture

Kate Dundes, AIA, Gustavson-Dundes Architecture and Design

Sharon Liebowitz, Meritam Investment Advisors

Michael Plottel, FAIA, LEED AP, Columbia University Facilities & Operations

Christopher Reynolds, AIA, LEED, Avalon Bay Communities

Kenneth Ricci, FAIA, Ricci Greene Associates (KY)

Jesse Lazar, Deputy Director, AIA New York | Center for Architecture

Suzanne Mecs, Hon. AIANYS, Managing Director, AIA New York

Benjamin Prosky, Assoc. AIA, Executive Director, AIA New York | Center for Architecture

Henry Zachary, Finance Director, AIA New York | Center for Architecture

Scholarship Committee The Joint Scholarship committee acts on behalf of AIA New York and Center for Architecture, as jury and supervisors of the restricted grants and scholarship funds including the Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant; Arnold W. Brunner Grant; the Eleanor Allwork Scholarship Grant Program and The Douglas Haskell Award for Student Journalism. Current committee members:

Matthew Clarke

Elizabeth O'Donnell, AIA

Bennett Fradkin, AIA

Douglas Hocking, AIA

Evie Klein, AIA

Tom Krizmanic, AIA, Co-chair

Carol Loewenson, FAIA, Co-chair

David Piscuskas, AIA, Co-chair

Anthony Schuman, AIA

Joseph Tortorella, Hon. AIANY, PE


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