The Residential Architecture Now: Mid-Hudson Valley webinar was hosted on September 2, 2020

Residential Architecture Now is a community-by-community survey produced by AIANY CRAN to help our colleagues, students, and residential design enthusiasts learn about the trends, inspirations, and resources related to a particular community of people within and near New York City. The results of our survey are presented with a series of panel discussion, which were originally to be held at the Center for Architecture until the pandemic of COVID-19 brought about a shift in our plans: We now present our findings using a webcast platform. That shift opened up the possibility of testing new ideas for sharing the knowledge and experience of our design colleagues.

For our exploration of residential architecture of the Mid-Hudson Valley, we asked four residential designers if they would be able to create short films about their work, and specifically we asked that they produce a conversation in the style of NPR Story-Corp. We were delighted that all four were excited to do so and produced their own interpretation of that request.

Below you will find the four short films included in the Res Arch Now: Mid-Hudson Valley survey accompanied by photographs of the projects featured and discussed during the conversations recorded. All four conversations describe the panelists’ experience designing modern homes in the most rural locations of this rural region of the Hudson Valley. All projects are located in the middle stretch of the Hudson Valley, north of Poughkeepsie and up to and including Hudson, New York. While this region is between a one and two hour drive north of Manhattan, it is primarily made up of thinly populated townships, villages and hamlets. Hudson is the only city included in the survey and its population is no more than 8,000 people. For the full webcast, which includes live introductions to the films and a live round table discussion that took place after the films were shown, please see the Res Arch Now, Mid-Hudson Valley video archive link, which will be posted soon.

The Stone House, built by Peggy Anderson LLC, located in Columbia County, NY

Builder: Peggy Anderson LLC. Architect: Steven Harris Architects. Photo: Cliff Goldthwaite.
Builder: Peggy Anderson LLC. Architect: Steven Harris Architects. Photo: Cliff Goldthwaite.

A conversation between Rural Intelligence Design Writer, Sherry Jo Williams and designer/builder, Peggy Anderson regarding her residential adaptive reuse of a nineteenth century tavern for her private residence, and a Hudson Valley home that her construction firm built recently in Columbia County, which was designed by Steven Harris Architects.


Cat Hill, home and fitness studio of Niki Nolan, located in the wooded surrounds of New Paltz, NY

 Design Firm: MM Studio. Photo: Studio MM Architect 

Design Firm: Studio MM. Photo: Studio MM Architect.

A conversation between architect Marica McKeel and her client Niki Nolan regarding the design and construction of her newly constructed home and fitness studio overlooking the Shawangunk and Catskill Mountains.


Little Ghent Farm, the home, farm, and market of Mimi and Richard Beaven, located in Columbia County, NY

Design Firm: Pelone Bailey Architects. Photo: Adrian WM Jones

Mimi and Richard Beaven describe their experience designing and building their Little Ghent Farm—a home, farm, and market located just south of Hudson, NY— by answering questions presented to them by the architect, Neil Pelone of Pelone Bailey Architects.


The Accord House, home of Peter Reynolds, a certified Passive House built in the foothills of the Catskills

Design Firm: North River Architecture and Planning. Photo: Deborah Degraffenreid

Design Firm: North River Architecture and Planning. Photo: Deborah Degraffenreid.

A conversation between design principal and Passive House consultant, Stephanie Bassler of North River Architecture and Planning, and her senior designer Peter Reynolds, describing their experience designing and building his certified Passive House home in Accord, NY.