To create a respectful yet individual partnership with the landmark Komishe Oper Berlin next door, the Expansion’s essential functions—rehearsal stages, orchestra rehearsal, smaller practice rooms—are concentrated into a Nucleus, with public amenities capping each end, one of which sets back to give the Oper’s entry facade primacy. At the heart of the Nucleus, a Circulation Hub of passenger and scene elevators, stairs, and lounges, connects performers and technicians, as well as rehearsal and other support spaces, directly to the existing Komische’s main stage and orchestra pit. Pedestrian access occurs on the building's elevation opposite that of the Komische Oper’s distinct entrance. A 20-meter-long cantilever atop the Expansion houses offices and features double-story courtyards that introduce daylight and fresh air into the work spaces, and can be used year-round thanks to deployable ETFE pillows. Another 10-meter-long cantilever on the other side of the Expansion houses the Box Office functions below. The large cantilever defines a new plaza, large enough to host public events and animate this urban corner. While bold in size, the cantilever meets the height of the Komische. The double-skin facade houses stone louvers that rotate to track the sun, and give performers the options to expose their work to passers-by; to rehearse in full daylight, with minimized brightness and glare; or to create full blackout environments. This ever-changing facade, along with the cantilever, gives this otherwise simple bar building a subtle yet dynamic identity, and makes it a contributor to the area's urban and cultural fabric.


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