In 2020 several AIANY Transportation and Infrastructure Committee members formed a Freight and Logistics Working Group to better understand the impacts and opportunities of urban freight. The group quickly expanded to include representatives from the Planning and Urban Design Committee, Committee on the Environment, as well as experts from freight, planning, urban design and engineering fields, including Stantec Inc.

Initial work by the group focused on developing prototypical freight scenarios for New York City and was then followed by a series of listening sessions with key freight stakeholders including New York City agency representatives, U.S. and international city officials and planners, and industry and community representatives. Findings from prototypes and interviews were then incorporated into a series of design charettes hosted by a collaborating team of Stantec engineers and designers.

Final results of the project, including original research, design strategies, and targeted recommendations were first shared at an AIANY public program and then published as a digital document: Delivering the Goods: NYC Urban Freight in the Age of E-Commerce. The document along with public program video documentation and related info are all available online at a dedicated AIANY Special Project microsite.