The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee previously formed a multi-committee task force, working in collaboration with Stantec, to research and author Delivering the Goods, a document that summarizes the impacts and opportunities of urban freight on New York City and includes recommended strategies to counter the burdens that goods movement impose on city communities.

Recently, task force work has been included as a case study in the research paper ‘Industrial & Logistics: Can London Deliver?’ published by New London Architecture (NLA). The NLA report provides an in-depth look at the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industrial and logistics sector, with viewpoints from key organizations in the industry.

A full report download is available to NLA members. NLA provides non-members an excerpted PDF preview as well as a descriptive overview and outline.

On June 5, a NLA half-day conference examined key findings in their report. The conference included discussions with representatives from international cities to address case studies from around the world that examine how to integrate industry into the urban fabric and what lessons can be learned.