ENYA and the TORCH Mentorship Program are proud to announce the Class of 2021, selected by our steering committee from a competitive pool of Emerging Professionals (EPs).

Congratulations to Anne Chen, Roderick Cruz, Alban Denic, Tamara Dennis, Todd Drucker, Varsha Iyengar, Arielle Siegel Lapp, Yoo Jin Lee, Aleena Majumdar, Yumiko Matsubara, Badal Thakker, Lauren Tucker, Vera Voropaeva, and Lily Wong!

Over the course of the next 12 months, admitted EPs and their assigned partners from the College of Fellows will have the chance to cultivate a valuable mentor-mentee relationship. From resume and portfolio reviews to opportunities to learn and collaborate, the Class of 2021 will find ample means to grow as professionals as part of the TORCH one-to-one mentorship program, and, we hope, share any lessons learned with colleagues of all stripes for years to come.

We strongly believe in the stewardship of our fellow professionals through mentorship, and hope the EPs will continue being an enthusiastic spokesperson for that same mission going forward.

Our mentoring Fellows this year are Andrew Bernheimer, Bryan Langlands, Daria Pizzetta, David Wallance, Fernando Villa, Julia Monk, Laura Ettelman, Mary Burnham, Porie Saikia-Eapen, Robin Guenther, Rocco Giannetti, Sara Lopergolo, Stephen Yablon and Vivian Lee.

All of us at TORCH are very excited to have met the new class, and cannot wait to see them make the best of the program!