On March 4, we hosted a Book Talk, a conversation with the editors of and a few contributors to the new publication Women [Re]Build: Stories, Polemics, Futures (Applied Research & Design, 2019). This book is exemplary in its mission to combine, in one resource, reflections on the renewal of feminist thought in architecture, challenges to practice made possible by activism, and portrayals of inspiring practitioners who have paved the way for future women architects.

Our panelists discussed the premise of the publication and its ultimate goal to increase the visibility and voice of women who challenge the definition and practice of architecture. Franca Trubiano, Associate Professor, Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania; Ramona Adlakha, Intern Architect, Diamond Schmitt Architects; Ramune Bartuskaite, Project Coordinator, JKRP Architects; Chief Creative Director, Rise First- all editors of the book, were joined by Annelise Pitts, AIA, Associate, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson; Margaret Cavenagh, AIA, Principal, Studio Gang and Nicole Dosso, FAIA, Vice President – Design & Construction, Vornado, contributors to the book. They shared snippets from the book that gave audience members an insight into the making and content of the book.

Julie Moskovitz, AIA, LEED AP, CPH/CPHT, Principal, Fete Nature Architecture moderated the panel wonderfully, and the audience’s engaging questions brought up some valid points, which added to the discussion. The conversation was one of many we will continue to have by celebrating and recognizing the work of so many exceptional women architects.