Download PDF: Transportation and Infrastructure Policy Framework | 2017

As part of its mission of advocacy for quality planning and design of transportation and infrastructure, the AIANY Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (AIANY T+I) developed this Policy Framework to support the goal of sustainable growth for the New York City Region. The framework builds on previous AIANY T+I outreach efforts related to New York City’s 2007 and 2011 PlaNYC Sustainability Plans, Superstorm Sandy recovery recommendations, AIANY’s 2013 A Platform for the Future of the City, public testimony on City and State legislation, and informal consultation with City agencies on proposed legislative and regulatory changes.

The movement of people, utilities, and goods is essential to the quality of contemporary life. As the City approaches a population of nine million residents and a regional population exceeding twenty million, our aging infrastructure is increasingly strained to adequately serve the public.

AIANY continues its role in helping shape the built environment by engaging in a public dialogue surrounding the vitality of the City and region as it strives to provide a higher quality of life for its residents, workforce, and visitors in the face of pressures of population growth, economic and social inequity, and environmental challenges. This Policy Framework is a snapshot in time of this dialogue.