Date: Thursday, May 28, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Location: Video Conference


Opening Presentation: Lorraine “Lori” Hiatt, Environmental Gerontologist, talked about: Re-thinking Collaboration for Senior Living Post Covid: Design, Engineering, Client/Sponsors. Specifics included: vacated sites, opportunity and caution; 101 on high vs. low Covid/rate sites; assisted and senior living; etc. —followed by Q and A.

Lori offered other topics and took questions regarding these:

  1. It’s just time! Clarity on aging, staffing (care + service) and design. Large, Medium, Smaller Household and Adult Day Care.
  2. Imagined vs. Real Social Distancing and Space/Design. Case/Studies with Lessons Before and After Covid-19 with Insights on Memory Care.
  3. Documenting Urban Aging and Covid-19: Moderately capacious adults and those greatly impacted including those with close other(s)…
  4. Some of us need to be working with NYS and NYC re-visioning models and Re: Environmental Design.
  5. Each of the above need specific attention to elder / staff minorities who are the majority in Covid-19 consequences.

Member Check-in: How’s Everyone Doing???

Other Events in Formation for 2020: 


  • Panel Topic: ADA at Thirty Recognizing and celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  What have we achieved already?  What do we still need to achieve?
  • Panel Topic: Joint Event w/ Historic Buildings Committee Aging in a Historic Residence: Aging in Place Adaptations. (Are there specific projects that are successful?)
  • Panel Topic: New Models for Senior Healthcare Outpatient “Wellness Center”, Geriatric Emergency Rooms, etc. —Co-Hosting of this Event with the AIA DESIGN FOR HEALTH COMMITTEE confirmed.
  • Panel Topic: Transportation—Co-hosted with Infrastructure Committee.

Other Business: POSTPONED: Susan Wright will present the DFA “Aging in Place Guide” at the FUDE Forum on Age-Friendly Housing & Health Promotion -Towards Healthy Residential Environments for All. Date: Sunday, July 19, 2020.  Location:  Taipei, Taiwan. FUDE will pay $4,800 in travel expenses.

Presentations @ Monthly Meetings 

  • June 25:  Nicholas Battis: NEW OLD Exhibition at Pratt – Virtual Tour.

Dates—and adjusted format?—for future Committee meetings.

Save the Date:
2020 DFA Dates: June 25; July 23