Date: Thursday, July 28, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Location: Video Conference


Events in Formation for 2022:

TAFEL HALL Panels Potentials:

Panel Topic A: ADA at Thirty: Accessibility Solutions in Historic Structures — On holdCase studies of successful creative projects that extend the useful life and safety of historic buildings that are Landmarked or in an Historic District. The committees involved in this project have decided to make it a one-night panel rather than a daytime workshop – date to be determined. Special Project digital publication on the AIANY website is planned. Joint Event w/ Historic Buildings Committee, Building Codes Committee, Public Architecture Committee.

Panel Topic B: Aging Populations and Climate Change — scheduled for Fall 2022. Donna Walcavage, of the DFRR, and the Committee on Design for Aging are planning a joint event.

Our audience will be design professionals but we may have others from the general public interested in the topic. The DFRR committee or our moderator can introduce the speakers with some statistics and other information highlighting the scale of the issue to engage the audience. Then 3 or 4 speakers covering these aspects:

1) Evaluating places to live
2) Preparation for shocks and stressors
3) Evacuation or shelter in place

We will focus on social equity, accessibility and mobility as we cover these topics. In the limited time for the panel, we can’t cover all the possible shocks and stressors, so if we find a good speaker in one aspect that is focused on extreme heat and another that is talking about sea level rise, it is ok to acknowledge the range of the discussion.

Panel Topic C: How are Smaller Architecture Firms addressing the needs of an aging NYC population? Perhaps a Panel in conjunction with the Emerging Architects Committee and/or the Women in Architecture Committee.

  • Studio HIP has renovated many school playgrounds in conjunction with the Trust for Public Land that incorporate senior ideas and uses. These playgrounds must be open to others during after-school hours. Liz Hand-Fry is the founder of Studio HIP, a landscape architecture firm.
  • Jeffrey Rosenfeld at New School holds a seminar named Design for Aging Population to explore how global aging is impacting on all aspects of design, especially on the design of “Home.” It might help us to understand how higher educationists and potential young professions see the opportunity and address the topic of design for aging.

The Committee will invite these potential speakers/panelists to the opening presentations in fall.


Other Business / New Business :

Lauren Zumbach, a writer with “Story by JPMorgan” contacted us to see whether anyone can help with an article about ways multifamily owners can make their properties more age-friendly. Story is a platform for multifamily owners with property management tools and educational content covering industry news and trends. Given the aging population, Story is putting together an article with advice on ways property owners can make apartments more inclusive and accessible to older tenants. HOW CAN THE DFA CONTRIBUTE TO THIS?

  • Connecting him with some builders, architects, or agencies, such as HPD, who has applied the principles in the AIP Guide in their home renovation projects to share their experiences might be helpful.
  • The deployment of AIP Guide, its influences and applications can be another potential panel topic.


Save the Date

  • 2022 DFA Dates: AUGUST RECESS, September 22, October 20, November 17, December 15