Date: Thursday, 23 February, 5:00–6:30 PM
Location: In Person at Silman Room and on Zoom


Opening Presentation: Stephanie Krone Firestone: EQUITY BY DESIGN. Stephanie joined AARP International in January 2017 as a Senior Strategic Policy Advisor for Health and Age-friendly Communities, and has a podcast series called Equity By Design. In Stephanie’s informative presentation, she provided several interesting concepts and resources, including:

Rightsizing In Place“—Ava Housing, Ireland

Restroom Deserts“—Where to go when you need to go

Regenerating Affordable and Enabling Housing for All Ages—at Scale“—Clarion Housing Group, UK

Pandemic’s Economic Pressures Pushing Generations Under One Roof“—Living in a multigenerational household before and during COVID-19

Equity by Design“—AARP International


Ideas from January Meeting:

  • What can we do for the 2023 National AIA Convention? Can we create a panel that would attend the convention? If so, who would pay for the panel?
  • Can our NYC DFA panels be broadcast to a national audience. Mark Heckman of the National AIA DFA might work with us on this.
  • Does the UN have papers or presentations that give examples of architecture (or planning) that respond to the needs of elderly in the face of climate change?
  • Are their college professors who have curricula related to Design for Aging? Or are there architecture school studios that have projects related to Aging?
  • Chia-Yi has contacted the Women in Architecture co-chairs about issues related to balancing professional work and the care of elderly family members. Do women-led architecture firms have different policies related to elderly care? Example: more time off for personal days?
  • Yutaka is proposing a Pratt course on Interior Design for the aging—interesting topic for us.


TAFEL HALL Panels in Formation for 2023:

Panel Topic A: ADA at Thirty—Accessibility Solutions in Historic Structures: On hold. Joint Event w/ Historic Buildings Committee, Building Codes Committee, Public Architecture Committee. Now focusing on public buildings.

Panel Topic B: Donna Walcavage and Gretchen Bank, of the DFRR, and DFA are planning a joint event called “Aging Populations and Climate Change“. ESTHER GREENHOUSE would be a great moderator for this panel.

Panel Topic C: How are Smaller Architecture Firms addressing the needs of an aging NYC population? Perhaps a Panel in conjunction with the Emerging Architects Committee and/or the Women in Architecture Committee. How do Women in Architecture incorporate their lived experience caring for elderly parents (and younger kids) when designing for the elderly? (See notes above.)


Presentations @ Monthly Meetings

  • Future Date: Prof. Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Parsons: Seminar on Aging; how students approach aging.


Save the Date

  • 2023 DFA Dates: 23 March; 27 April; 25 May, June 22, July 27.


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