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Design for Aging committee is co-hosting a presentation on Friday, June 23, 2023, 8:30 AM titled “Public Toilets – Where to they work and where do they not, and why?” in the hybrid Social Science and Architecture Committee meeting. Julie Chou, AIA, will be presenting. Join us in-person at Center for Architecture or Online via Zoom (please contact Salmata Kaba for the link to join at

Date: Thursday, May 23, 5:00–6:30 PM
Location: In Person at Silman Room and via Zoom


Opening Presentation: Introductions by Kami Altman and Brian Pape, co-chairs. Claire Dickey had to cancel last minute but will hopefully join the committee at the next meeting.

Yutaka Takiura reported on his elective class at Pratt Institute that he taught. Students made presentations. Most of them liked the experience and the 15 classes on what we can do for older persons in need of housing. Some presented their final projects at the AIANY Center 0n 5/18: “Pratt Student Proposal Presentations: Design for Aging and Beyond“. One student presented her grandmother’s tiny kitchen built in the 1950s in China. The course will continue to be offered.

Ideas from Previous Meetings:

  • What can we do for the 2023 National AIA Convention? Can we create a panel that would attend the convention? If so, who would pay for the panel?
    • Early fall is the deadline for submitting proposals for 2024.
    • Can discuss with DFA National Advisory Group where active DFA committees in the country. What are some of the other committees’ initiatives? What are some initiatives the National DFA Advisory Committee leads? Discussed the Aging in Place Guide and ways to promote it.
  • Does the UN have papers or presentations that give examples of architecture (or planning) that respond to the needs of elderly in the face of climate change?
    • UN discussions might not be directly related to architecture. Group discussed Fitwel as a potential program to learn more about. Group also discussed looking into the Center for Aging better, based in the UK.
    • Still looking for international examples of architecture/planning for older persons. Kathy has reminded the head of housing at UN-Habitat to send any examples that he might know.
    • The Clarion Group based in London is an interesting exciting company that supports new community housing including for seniors.
  • Are their college professors who have curricula related to Design for Aging? Or are there architecture school studios that have projects related to Aging?
    • Kami will follow up with Jeffrey Rosenfeld (Parsons) to pin down a date to discuss his seminar on aging.
    • Columbia University – Kami will contact Brian there.
    • Connecting more with student programs: Michael Graves School of Architecture, Kean University; NJIT; NY College of Design; Vanessa at Kent State. Could do an online program with student presentations in other areas.
  • How have firms used the Aging in Place Guide?
    • Group discussed sharing the guide with AARP New York to have them promote it on their website and newsletter.
    • Discuss with DFA National Advisory Group on how to promote guide nationally.
  • How are Young Firms preparing for the Clients of the Future?
    • Are young firms designing for this? How is accessible design being incorporated into their design. Common space becoming more accessible. Creative accessible design solutions that promote that promote intergenerational use. Group discussed reaching out to emerging professionals for potential event around topic of designing for aging.
    • Group discussed fashion design as another are where design for aging could be relevant (ie. Tommy Hillfiger).


TAFEL HALL Panels in Formation for 2023:

Panel Topic A: Aging Populations and Climate Change– ON HOLD. DFA and DFRR, and are planning a joint event (Donna Walcavage and Gretchen Bank). ESTHER GREENHOUSE would be a great moderator for this panel, and we made initial contact.

Panel Topic B: How are Smaller Architecture Firms addressing the needs of an aging NYC population? Perhaps a Panel in conjunction with the Emerging Architects Committee.

Panel Topic C: Women led architecture firms and design for aging – Potential collaboration with WIA committee. Chia-Yi / Kami are in contact with WIA committee co-chairs to discuss potential panel topics. Discussion might include:

  • Issues related to balancing professional work and the care of older family members.
  • Do women-led architecture firms have different policies related to caregiving for older persons like more time off for employees that maybe caregivers?
  • Are there examples of women architects whose practice has been influenced by lived experiences caregiving for older family members as well as young children?

Panel Topic D: Public Toilets – Where to they work and where do they not, and why? – Julie will be presenting on public toilets from 8-10 am on June 23, the next hybrid Social Science and Architecture Committee meeting. Our committee is co-hosting it.

Panel Topic E: Collaborating with the Housing Committee for HPD discussion on their new guidelines.

Panel Topic F: ADUs – unexpectedly successful on the west coast where legislation was created to support it. Perhaps this could be a joint effort with the Housing Committee.


Other Business / New Business :

  • NYCHA is getting funding for capital improvements. It might be interested to see what they are doing for housing older residents. Brian is in touch with the developers of these and he will ask them if they would do an event with our committee.
  • Bill before the City Council that would require removal of all lead paint if a child below 6 lives there. It would be applied to current residents. The Advocacy Group will be informed that our group is concerned about the negative impact of this.
  • Jessica Katz will be leaving her position as head of NYC housing.


Presentations @ Monthly Meetings

  • Prof. Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Parsons: Seminar on Aging – how students approach aging. DATE: TBD
  • HPD: New Design Guidelines. DATE: TBD
  • Claire Dickey: DFA National. DATE: TBD


Save the Date

  • 2023 DFA Dates: June 22, July 27.