On July 25, the Cultural Facilities Committee will present a lecture and discussion reflecting on how designers create memorials in the wake of the 9/11 Memorial competition. The last fifteen years have been marked by numerous tragic events (mass violence, terrorism, hate crimes, etc.) and the discussion of memorials to remember these events. The design of these memorials has generated a complex dialogue in the design community about how we memorialize the victims. Our program will reflect on the ideas expressed in the 9/11 Memorial competition and consider methods to promote better design and construction of memorials today. Lester Levine will provide a retrospective on the competition by presenting examples from a variety of entrants to highlight the important characteristics that formed the zeitgeist of this seminal competition. The presented approaches will represent the confluence of previous tendencies in memorial design, as well as innovative ideas and precursors to contemporary trends. This presentation will be followed by a panel and audience discussion to reflect on the trends explored in the 9-11 competition and drive a wider dialogue about what we should be doing as a society and design community to memorialize tragic events.

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