DSNY, in partnership with the Department of Transportation (DOT), has released an RFEI seeking creative solutions for containerized refuse and recycling that will:

– increase waste diversion, including by reduction, reuse, and recycling
– reduce the volume of consolidated material set out on City sidewalks
– reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with waste collection; and/or
– improve the cleanliness of City streets and sidewalks

The RFEI refers to the Zero Waste Design Guidelines, developed through the AIANY COTE and Center for Architecture:

“Through this RFEI, the City seeks Responses inspired by the best practices as outlined in the Guidelines. Respondents should review Zero Waste Design Guidelines Chapter 3: Collection & Urban Design, which includes examples of best practices, including: sub-surface waste containers; “roll-on, roll-off” containers for private or public use; waste collection containers for public and/or private use; and freight distribution and waste collection micro-centers.”