TIME:  5:00 – 6:30 PM EDT
Location: Video Conference


Member Check-in:  How’s everyone doing???

Opening Presentation:  Committee Member Kamila (Kami) Altman, AIA CPHD, Senior Associate at Magnusson Architecture and Planning PC, presented:  East Clarke Senior Residence: Senior Housing Project by MAP,” followed by Q&A regarding funding issues, construction time, interior and facade design.

Call to Action: The AIA New York Advocacy Committee, the association’s body overseeing our political advocacy efforts, would like ideas from our committee (as well as all the other committees).  Most of our city’s elected officials are term-limited, and will therefore not be in office starting in 2022.  In 2022, a new group of city council members and borough presidents, as well as a new mayor and comptroller, will be taking office. The Advocacy Committee’s goal is to help them understand what the priorities of our members are in order to better assist those incoming elected officials in developing policies.

Therefore, the Advocacy Committee would like each program committee to submit up to three policy priorities. The Advocacy Committee will then review all of these priorities and distill them into a cohesive list to provide to incoming elected officials.

Suggestions from our committee:
1. Funding to hire more DOB staff to process applications so that projects can move forward
2. City program to help tenants and owners make their homes be more age and disability friendly using NYC guide that the DFA helped create
3. Funding to make public transport more accessible particularly subways
4. Increasing housing density in all neighborhoods
5. Increase availability of well-maintained public toilets
Brian would be happy to see what other committees are proposing so that we can focus on what would be unique for Design for Aging.


Events in Formation for 2021:


Panel Topic:  ADA at Thirty — Accessibility Solutions in Historic Structures- Case studies of successful creative projects that extend the useful life and safety of historic buildings that are Landmarked or in an Historic District.  The committees involved in this project have decided to make it a one-night panel rather than a daytime workshop – date to be determined.  Special Project digital publication on the AIANY website is planned.  Joint Event w/ Historic Buildings Committee, Building Codes Committee, Public Architecture Committee. Kathy Kline recommend a Swedish speaker found in her notes from last week.

Panel Topic:  Asian Models for Senior Care – Explore how models of senior care in Asian countries may differ from those in the US.  Possible countries to highlight include Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and others. Seniors aging in place when focus is on
individual responsibility for taking care of older parents. Christine Hunter is the lead. Ted Porter is happy to help out.


Monthly Meetings: It would be moved to 6:30 pm if we had monthly in person meetings. Many expressed having virtual meetings through 2021.


Presentations@ Monthly Meetings

  • Nov. 18 meeting, Susan Wright agreed to present ‘3 affordable and  senior living projects’ she is familiar with in NY.
  • Dec. 16 meeting, Katherine will contact Ted Liebman and Rich Rosen about presenting senior housing projects by the Perkins Eastman firm.


Other Business

  • December is Disabilities Month!
  • Open Restaurant rules: 22 people have filed lawsuits against sidewalk and open restaurants. Brian Pape mentioned that there used to be sidewalk cafe rules and regulations that were superseded by DOT rules. It will be good to know what final DOT rules will be, since there are many DOT rules now that are not being enforced. Greenwich Village Neighborhood has the highest concentration of bars and restaurants with narrow streets and is very residential. It is a set up for an unlivable situation. It is a giveaway of public space to one private enterprise type.


Save the Date
2021 — 2022 DFA Dates: 18 November, 16 December, 27 January 2022,  24 February 2022.