Date: Thursday, March 25, 2021, 5:00 – 6:30 PM EDT 

Location: Video Conference



Member Check-in:  How’s Everyone Doing???

Opening Presentation: Two Teams from the Arts and Cultural Management Graduate Program at Pratt University presented proposals to connect different generations. 

Team One:  Yoon Jae Lee and team: Flower Bookmark.

Team Two:  Hilarie Spangler and team:  Intergenerational Connections in 21st Century Communities.

Special Thanks to Yutaka for organizing this presentation. Continuing from the opening presentation, we talked about how the same and different cultures among Asian countries / regions shape their community and design for aging opportunities, as possible future panel topics.


Events in Formation for 2021:


Panel Topic:  ADA at Thirty — Accessibility Solutions in Historic Structures – Case studies of successful creative projects that extend the useful life and safety of historic buildings that are Landmarked or in an Historic District. We will make this a one half day workshop (3-4 hours) Speed presentation style of presentations, and Special Project digital publication on the AIANY website. Joint Event w/ Historic Buildings Committee, Building Codes Committee, Public Architecture Committee. 


Panel Topic: Safer Streets for Seniors – Co-hosted with Infrastructure and PUD Committees. The date is set to Thursday, June 10th.

Recap of current discussion – need ideas to firm up this panel:

— Safe Streets for Seniors vis-a-vis universal design

— Best Practices for Today and for Tomorrow?  Scale:  urban, human, individual.  The future we want for NYC.

— How to expand the tool kit where there are gaps?

— Impact of Covid design interventions on accessibility – ownership of sidewalks for people versus the expanding uses…

— Is it street safety for disabled or is it shared needs across populations?  Is age considered as all ages?

— Curb-Cut Effect as a model?  Design for most vulnerable yielding benefits for all.


Presentations @ Monthly Meetings

  • April 22: Georgeen Theodore or one of the members from Interboro is going to present the updated studies on Morningside Gardens (i.e. “This Has Become My Town”) – insights about NORCs during the pandemic.
  • May 27: Jennifer Hrabach Molinsky:  Senior Research Associate at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University and a Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design. Jennifer manages the Center’s research on housing for older adults. She is going to present the housing (and other) challenges facing middle and lower income seniors as well as her new work with HUD.
    — Special Thanks to Kathy for connecting us to Jennifer.


Save the Date

2021 DFA Dates: April 22, May 27, June 25, July 22, August recess


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