Date: Thursday, June 25, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Location: Video Conference


Breaking News

Program: Monday, 27 July, 2020

DFA will co-sponsor with the Interiors Committee a program called “Future of Accessibility/Inclusive Design.” Anita Cooney, head of the school of design at Pratt is the moderator. Pratt recently did a show called Design for our Future Selves which really was about designing for aging. Here is a virtual tour and discussion about it:

Register for the “The Future of Accessible Design” program here.


Grant: Monday, 29 June, 2020

AIANY announced that the project, Accessibility in an Aging City: Real World Solutions has been selected for a Committee Excellence Grant. We are conducting planning meetings now with the Committee partners and staff to adjust the “Workshop” into a virtual one, and that the separate panel events will be superseded by the Grant program.


Agenda for 25 June Meeting 

Opening Presentation: Nicholas Battis, Director of Exhibitions, Pratt Institute. Nicholas spoke about the Pratt Manhattan exhibition titled: NEW OLD:  DESIGNING FOR OUR FUTURE SELVES. Followed by Q&A. Here is a link summarizing the presentation with nice visuals: 

Member Check-in
: How’s Everyone Doing??? 


Other Events in Formation for 2020:

Panels — Possible Dates:  DATES TO BE DETERMINED. 

  • Panel Topic:  ADA at Thirty — Case Studies of Successful Solutions for ADA Access. – Design For Aging, Building Codes, and Historic Buildings Committees at AIANY are co-sponsoring this virtual case study / panel discussion event. We are pulling together a slate of participants and a program description with learning objectives, based on successful presentations made by local architects, as well as certain international cases. After receiving notice of Grant approval, our Committees will now incorporate this Panel Topic into the Workshop format; see the approval notice above.
  • Panel Topic:  New Models for Senior Healthcare Outpatient “Wellness Center”, Geriatric Emergency Rooms, etc. – Co-Hosting of this Event with the AIA DESIGN FOR HEALTH COMMITTEE confirmed.
  • Panel Topic:  Transportation – Co-hosted with Infrastructure Committee. 

Call to Action — AIANY Diversity and Inclusion: We are working on a response to the notice for consideration, and will add this to the agenda of our 23 July monthly virtual meeting.


Other Business

Susan Wright will now be a virtual presenter of the DFA “Aging in Place Guide” at the FUDE Forum on Age-Friendly Housing & Health Promotion -Towards Healthy Residential Environments for All. The date of the panel in Taiwan is set to be Sunday, 19 July, 2020. Currently there are more than 150 attendees registered. Here is the link to the event:


Presentations @ Monthly Meetings

  • 23 July:  Susan Wright


Save the Date

2020 DFA Dates:  23 July, 27 August, 24 September 


Good Reads and More

AIA is issuing a report detailing strategies for safer senior living communities: