Date: Thursday, July 23, 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Location: Video Conference


Opening Presentation: Susan Wright reprised the “Aging in Place” presentation she gave virtually “in” Taiwan on Sunday, July 19. The AIANY Design for Aging Committee was invited to participate in this forum in Taiwan on age-friendly housing and health promotion called “Towards Healthy Residential Environments for All.” The program aimed to shape a common ground on what matters in healthy aging and what to consider in developing age-friendly housing. — followed by Q and A.

Call to Action: All AIANY Committees have received this request, for discussion, and DFA suggested notes below.

1. Make a long-term commitment to the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in your Committee work.

  • Revise our webpage intro statement to read: “The AIA New York Design for Aging Committee is dedicated to the needs of the aging population in an urban environment, by exploring design issues, developing universal design recommendations, increasing public awareness, and educating professionals in various fields of those needs, to create a more age-friendly city. We are committed to diversity in all issues, ensuring a profession capable of reaching into constituencies previously underserved and giving agency to issues of inclusion and representation. We would like more people to join us as we explore a wider range of options that promote diversity, and have a stronger influence on projects and programs in NYC and beyond.”

2. Calendar or convene at least one event prior to the end of 2020 that promotes anti-racism and elevates justice, equity, diversity, and inclusi​on.

  • For our July 23 monthly virtual meeting, add this topic to the agenda, with intro remarks in the notice of meeting.
  • Start planning a program for 2020 that promotes anti-racism and elevates justice, equity, diversity, and inclusi​on as part of our Design for Aging theme. (This is a little harder, but if we co-sponsor and coordinate with the D&I and Social Science Committees, perhaps we can come up with ideas?) email D&I and Social Science Committees for their interest and input?
  • Call for speaker suggestions.

3. Make space at a committee meeting to reflect upon your Committee’s area of work in relation to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. By August 31st, please submit a report and plan of action to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and AIA New York. 

  • See Item 1 above.
  • By August 31st, submit a report and plan of action for the Design for Aging Committee.


Events in Formation for 2020: (DATES TO BE DETERMINED, UNO)

  • Virtual Panel Topic:  7/27/20, 6pm- The Future of Accessible Design: ADA at Thirty and Beyond. The discussion will be a wide-ranging exploration of new models of practice, expanded constituencies, and broader definitions of what inclusive design can be. It will address issues of neurodiversity, responsive technology, and occupying/claiming space.  What have we achieved already?  What do we still need to achieve? Link at
  • Virtual Panel Topic:  late Summer- Accessibility Solutions in Historic Structures– Case studies of successful creative projects that extend the useful life and safety of historic buildings that are Landmarked or in an Historic District. We will make this a one half day workshop (3-4 hours) Speed presentation style of presentations, and Special Project digital publication on the AIANY website. Joint Event w/ Historic Buildings Committee, Building Codes Committee, Public Architecture Committee. 
  • Panel Topic:  New Models for Senior Healthcare Outpatient “Wellness Center”, Geriatric Emergency Rooms, etc. – Co-Hosting with the Design for Health Committee confirmed.
  • Panel Topic:  Transportation – Co-hosted with Infrastructure Committee confirmed.


Save the Date

No August meeting- stay safe. Sep. 24, Oct. 29, Nov. 19, Dec. 17.


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