Date: Thursday, February 25, 2021, 5:00 – 6:30 PM EST

Location: Video Conference



Member Check-in:  How’s Everyone Doing???

Opening Video: “Watch on demand: Pandemic prognostication” – a presentation from the national AIA Knowledge Communities,  Edited for conciseness of 40 minutes. A panel of national design practitioners describe local responses to the pandemic for nursing homes and senior housing types, and how the pandemic changes may affect the design of facilities in the long term.


Events in Formation:


Panel Topic: Accessibility Solutions in Historic Structures– Case studies of successful creative projects that extend the useful life and safety of historic buildings that are Landmarked or in an Historic District. We will make this a one half day workshop (3-4 hours) Speed presentation style of presentations, and Special Project digital publication on the AIANY website. Joint Event w/ Historic Buildings Committee, Building Codes Committee, Public Architecture Committee. We are still working on getting it together for a summer event.


Panel Topic: Safer Streets for Seniors– Co-hosted with Transportation and Infrastructure and PUD Committees, planned for a June event.

— Best Practices for Today and for Tomorrow?  Scale:  urban, human, individual.  The future we want for NYC vis-a-vis universal design; ownership of sidewalks for people versus the expanding uses.

— Curb-Cut Effect as a model?  Design for most vulnerable yielding benefits for all.

“Equitable Access for Street Safety: Design for Age, Ability, and Inclusion”  Framework:

  • Overview –  NYC safe streets: successes and opportunities
  • Inclusion – Intersectionality: what do “safe streets” mean for BIPOC, LBBTQ+, and marginalized communities?


Other Business

Kathy Kline spoke of Notes from two very interesting webinars on cities & aging issues today, 2/25/21:


Presentations @ Monthly Meetings

  • May 27: Dr. Jennifer Molinsky of Harvard U. to speak on  housing older adults: Equity issues? Models from other countries? Future developments after the pandemic?


Save the Date

2021 DFA Dates: February 25, March 25, April 22, May 27, June 25, July 22, August recess